About Réda Amalou

Reda Amalou is a French architect and designer.  He is a true creator of experiences, an artist driven by an unwavering passion for transforming space into places of emotion. More than 25 years ago, he founded the architectural agency AW2 with the ambition of transcending the boundaries between architecture and design. For Reda Amalou, it is always about creating an impact, stimulating the mind and mobilizing the senses, whether through her architectural projects or her furniture creations.  In 2013, he made this vision a reality by inaugurating his own design house, REDA AMALOU DESIGN, thus expanding his field of expression to furniture and objects. Each of his creations is the result of a story, drawing inspiration from childhood memories in Algeria, tumultuous years of study in London or exhilarating travels around the world. Reda Amalou is constantly in search of new emotions, collecting fragments of life which are reflected in her work with disconcerting fluidity, paying homage to craftsmanship and multiculturalism.  Reda Amalou's collections are built around materials, where leather, bronze, glass, wood, eggshell, lacquer, among others, interact with timeless elegance. His pieces, although striking, maintain a balance which makes them intimate, almost familial. Beyond its main collection, certain exceptional pieces are the result of collaborations with craftsmen with excellent know-how. Brought together within the REDA AMALOU GALERIE Collection, these unique works or in limited editions, signed and numbered, embody the very essence of art and creativity.  Every day, Reda Amalou embarks on a ceaseless quest for new emotions, constantly pushing the limits of creation and innovation.